Put on your thinking caps!
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2–4 Players / 15 Min / Age: 10+

TAGIRON is a logical deduction game played with Number Tiles and Question Cards. You win if you can guess all of your opponent’s tiles. Put on your thinking cap!


Place all of the Number Tiles face down and shuffle them. Place your Game Screen in front of you, then randomly take five tiles. Place them face up behind your screen in numerically ascending order starting from the left. If you have two tiles with the same number, place the Red tile on the left. Once you have placed your tiles, removed the unused Number Tiles from the game. Lastly, shuffle the Question Cards and place them in a pile face down. Draw the top six cards from the pile and place them in the center of the table.


Deduce all of your opponent’s tiles and correctly guess their colors and numbers in order from left to right.


Choose a player to go first. On your turn, you may perform one of the following two actions:

•Ask a Question
Choose one of the six face up Question Cards to ask your opponent. Your opponent must answer truthfully. Once you have asked the question on your chosen Question Card, remove it from the game. You may want to take notes when asking questions. Draw the top card from the pile of Question Cards and place it face up in the middle of the table, replacing the card you chose.

•Guess Your Opponent’s Tiles
When you believe you know all of your opponent’s tiles, you may choose to guess your opponent’s tiles instead of asking a question. State the number and color of your opponent’s tiles from left to right. For example, “Red 0, Blue 2, Green 5, Red 6, Blue 6!” Your opponent answers either 'Correct' if you were right, or 'Wrong' if you were not. If your opponent guessed your tiles and only some were correct, do not tell them which were correct, as they can guess again on their next turn.
Should the first player correctly guess the other player’s Number Tiles, the second player has one chance to guess the first player’s Number Tiles. If the second player correctly guesses the first player’s Number Tiles, the game ends in a tie.

• 20 Number Tiles (two of each number 0 to 9) • 21 Question Cards • 4 Game Screens • 2 Rule Sheets ・ 1 Memo Pad